How to Maximize Your Virtual Networking Experience

One of the best parts of attending an event is connecting with other attendees & having the chance to expand your professional & social networks. Luckily, technology has made it possible to keep these important experiences as part of your virtual event. Strategic Solutions Network offers 3 main ways for event attendees to network at our virtual event.

Networking Sessions: Networking sessions will randomly match attendees up for a 1:1 video chat, allowing attendees to interact with a number of new people.

1:1 Meetings: Attendees can send an invitation to Connect with each other. If the request is accepted, the now Connected attendees can request & set up a 1:1 video meeting with each other.

Lobby Interactions: The Virtual Event Hub Lobby offers multiple ways to interact. The Feed option creates a social media experience, where you can post photos, videos or status updates. You can then in turn like or comment on these posts to build a sense of community. In addition to the Feed, there is also a general Attendee Chat available in the Lobby. This makes it easy for you to casually message or chat in a group environment.