2018 Agenda

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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Registration & Continental Breakfast


Chairman’s Welcome

Bernie Goldstein, Head of Client Skills Training-Americas,JP Morgan Chase & Co.


-Heads of Learning Panel-

The Evolving Role of the Learning Function: Developing a New Learning Landscape

Learning and development’s role continues to evolve at a rapid pace. During this panel, several Heads of Learning & Talent Development will share how their organizations are preparing for the future while managing and driving change. Topics of discussion include:

  • digital disruptions and creating a digital learning experience
  • future of LMS
  • impact of automation on jobs and skills needed for the future
  • embedding continuous learning into the culture and work flow
  • strategies for managing and driving change


Bernie Goldstein, Head of Client Skills Training-Americas,JP Morgan Chase & Co.


Jeff Orlando,Chief Learning Officer, Leader Development & Performance,Deloitte

Carra Simmons,VP of Learning & Development,State Farm Insurance

Joy Joseph,Former Head of Culture, Engagement, Employer Branding & Chief Diversity Officer,Axa-Equitable


Coaching for Leadership Development

Senior leaders are commonly faced with navigating complex change, growing people and teams, and achieving aggressive business results. Some of these leaders are in a succession plan and preparing to transition into a new role, while others need overall refinement of leadership skills to lead at the right level. In this session, Deb Hamilton, Chief Learning & Development Officer at Fulton Financial Corporation will share a case study on how her organization is developing its leaders using a development planning process that includes executive coaching, peer coaching groups, engagement survey data, as well as Hogan and 360 data to advance leaders.


Deb Hamilton,SVP & Chief Learning & Development Officer,Fulton Financial Corporation


Creating an Internal Pipeline for Sales Recruitment at MacKenzie Investments

Promoting from within the organization has significant benefits for both the company and its employees. Existing employees who are in tune with the corporate culture and internal processes can be ideal candidates to promote when appropriate development opportunities are provided. This can ultimately result in a more efficient onboarding process rather than when recruiting externally.

This case study provides an overview of Mackenzie Investment’s program for transitioning employees into the Inside Wholesaler role and how knowledge gaps are bridged to create a pipeline of internal candidates. You will be walked through a blended learning approach to succession planning and the methods used to measure program success.


Denise Teixeira,Senior Manager, Product Education & Blended Solutions,Mackenzie Investments


Morning Networking Break


Idea xChange Session –Designing Your Career

Throughout the event we will pause for 2 "idea share" sessions. During these 15 minute segments, an L&D executive from our speaker pool will share a powerful idea or learning initiative that has been successful. The goal is to provide you with some quick, easily digestible, innovative information that will help to spark new ideas for your organization.


Gail Kelman,Head of Learning & Career Development, Guardian Life Insurance Company


Implementing Micro-Learning Concepts for More Accessible & Retainable Onboarding Training

Follow our journey as our team of L&D professionals sought to implement concepts of micro-learning to make traditional, corporate classroom onboarding training more accessible, retainable, and interactive. We will discuss what we learned about micro-learning, how its concepts can be applied in the classroom, and what a newer generation of learners wants in onboarding. We will also look into what didn’t work as well, since we have continued to improve our training programs.


Carrie McKinney,Senior Manager of Retail Learning & Development, E*Trade Financial Corporation


Break out Discussion Groups

To further enhance networking and learning among attendees, we will be breaking into small discussion groups throughout the event. During these sessions, we will take time to drill a little deeper, brainstorm, discuss challenges, and share potential solutions with your peers…and walk away with some fresh ideas that you can implement upon returning to the office.


Networking Luncheon - Sponsored by Qstream


Harnessing Contextual, Data-Driven Insights to Target L&D Priorities

Imagine if you could identify the learning and development priorities within your business, pinpointing hidden talent and risk, while optimizing your learning and development spend.

In this session, hear first-hand how to forensically direct your L&D strategy. Join us as we discuss:

  • How Kaplan is helping global businesses to identify and measure critical skills gaps
  • Ways to target learning and development priorities and providing strategic insight to develop more targeted
  • training solutions
  • Real life case studies and examples from the Financial Services industry
  • And finally, find out what’s in store for the future of learning and development


Andrew Perkins,Global Director of Leadership and Professional Development,Kaplan


Implementing Behavior Based Compliance Training at Discover: A Case Study

At Discover, we took a critical view of our historic compliance training program and brought innovation to the way we scope and deliver our required enterprise compliance training. Our goal was to create a program that was more learner-centric and efficient without sacrificing regulatory rigor. As part of this shift, we moved from a topic-driven compliance training program to a behavior-driven approach, identifying the key capabilities and mindsets that are crucial to building and sustaining a risk-aware culture. We also developed new tools to better enable us to quantify and analyze risk. Along the way, we learned some powerful lessons around the importance of partnerships, stakeholder analysis and change management. Specifically, how to get partners to move past their pre-conceived notions of compliance training and the importance of clear and targeted communication to ensure constant alignment between Corporate Risk Management and the L&D function.

In this session, I’ll share some insights on the value of failing fast, the criticality of change management / communications at all levels and the importance of a strong collaboration model between CRM and L&D.


Johannah Simon,Senior Manager, Compliance Learning Strategy & Executive Development,Discover Financial Services


Games and “Gamification” - When it Works and When it Fails

“Gamification” is an increasingly misused tactic in the learning industry. This leads to underwhelming programs with badges and leaderboards slapped on as an afterthought. During this session Romeo Maione, a program designer and strategist at Launchfire, will run through when you should (and shouldn’t) employ games as part of a learning strategy.


Romeo Maione,Program Designer,Launchfire


Idea xChange Session – Play Versus Coach


Matt Petrilla,Leadership Performance Consultant,VANGUARD


Afternoon Networking Break


Creating a Learning Experience to Drive Engagement and Retention at Fidelity Investments

During this session, Daniel Hinojosa, Senior Manager of PI L&D Transformation & E2E Learner Experience at Fidelity Investments will explore how their learning platform helps prepare and engage their workforce with a personalized learning experience. Hear how with the right tools, you can turn the challenge of retaining and developing the best talent into a competitive advantage.


Daniel Hinojosa,Director, PI L&D Transformation,Fidelity Investments


What Financial Services Can Learn from Life Sciences Microlearning

One takes care of human health, the other after capital. Both are vital to survive and thrive in life. The other commonality is that life sciences and financial services are highly regulated, complex and can have serious, or even fatal, repercussions when things go wrong. This talk will discuss how best practice microlearning has been adopted across the life sciences ecosystem to impact outcomes through behavior change. In this session you will take away:

  • An understanding of what "best practice microlearning” means
  • Insight into the adoption of microlearning across the life sciences “ecosystem” has impacted patient and commercial outcomes
  • Recommendations for applying these principles to the financial services learning experience
  • Evidence of microlearning successes in financial services that improve compliance adherence and commercial advantage


Mike D’Angelo,Sales Director,Qstream


-Fireside Chat- Diversity, Inclusion and the Learning Function

Traditionally, organizations treated D&I as a function under Human Resources, however more recently, corporations are looking to learning to promote diversity and inclusion as a source of competitive advantage and retention. Having a “diverse” workforce that includes different ethnicities, ages and views is not enough if your employees don’t feel valued and included. During this session, we will explore how to get the “inclusion” piece of this puzzle right. Our panelist will share various strategies and programs they are using to embed D&I into company culture. Topic for discussion will include:

  • partnering to develop D&I programs and initiatives
  • key strategies and programs for developing inclusive leaders
  • creating real behavior change, not just awareness policies
  • linking inclusion to skill development


Joy Joseph,Former Head of Culture, Engagement, Employer Branding & Chief Diversity Officer,Axa-Equitable

Mia Hairston,Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer,Nationwide

Namrata Yadav, SVP,Head of Inclusion Strategy & Diversity and Inclusion Learning,Bank of America


Networking Reception - Sponsored by: INTREPID

Friday, October 19, 2018

Continental Breakfast


Chairman Recap


Break out Discussion Groups

During this session, we will take time to drill a little deeper into the issues addressed on the previous day. Brainstorm, discuss challenges, and share potential solutions with your peers…and walk away with some fresh ideas that you can implement upon returning to the office.


Finance Goes Tech: Optimizing Your People Power in a Time of Change


Amrit Gill,Leadership Development Consultant,BetterUp


-Panel Session-

Key Strategies for Successful E-Learning Implementation

Why do some digital learning projects thrive while others fall short of expectations? Our panel of practitioners and industry experts will share what they have learned while implementing various e-learning projects over the years. They will identify the common key factors that all successful e-learning initiatives share, as well as, explore why many projects fail, the warning signs, and remedies for success.


David Guralnick,President,International E-Learning Association


Ritu Hudson,Supervisor, Learning & Development,Navy Federal Credit Union

Adam Girard, AVP,Global Learning and Development, Head of Learning Technology,MetLife

Elizabeth Pearce,Customer Success Executive,Intrepid by VitalSource


Constructive & Actionable Feedback Strategies To Drive Growth

Feedback is a free and invaluable tool in helping drive personal and professional growth. Feedback is everywhere. Feedback is free. Yet often we decide to look the other way. We’re hesitant to share it with others, or struggle to understand its implications. Learn to better recognize, position, and embrace this oft-misunderstood “gift” to drive a culture of performance and growth. Start today by taking a deliberate and disciplined approach with your employees and partners to ensure feedback is "expected, so it’s accepted.”


Matt Petrilla,Leadership Performance Consultant,VANGUARD


Morning Refreshment Break


It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Day, It’s a New Line…

ROI reporting for all Talent Management Lifecycle activities will become the norm in 12 to 18 months from now. During this session, you’ll hear a 12 month preparation plan. What to assemble, in what order and by when. Where to get insights, case studies and best practices to inspire your own approach and why this is becoming a very real thing for L&D, HR and Talent Leaders.


Austin Kenny,Vice President of Global Sales,ETU

Maria McMahon King,Senior Account Director,ETU

Rayellen Smith,Director, Learning & Development Innovation,PwC


-Panel Session-

Engagement of the Next Generation Workforce

Many studies show that “Next-gen” employees have a hunger to learn and their company loyalty stems from doing work they feel has meaning. They tend to be quick to move onto the next opportunity if they don’t feel they are growing. Is your organization prepared? Our panel will discuss various strategies and programs you can utilize to stretch and engage this portion of your employee base. We will explore learning’s key role in retaining the next-gen workforce.


David Snelus,Head of the Americas,FitchLearning


Patricia Aquaro,Managing Director & Head of Risk & Professional Excellence,BNY Mellon

Andra Popescu,Enterprise Manager,D2L

Gail Kelman,Head of Learning & Career Development,Guardian Life Insurance Company


Harnessing the Power of Coaching – An Interactive Work Session

For years organizations have seen blended learning as the recipe for successful knowledge transfer, reinforcement, & behavioral change. Coaching, with its unique focus on the individual, can be a secret ingredient in this process. Yet external coaching can be costly & training your own managers to coach can be challenging. Additionally, many organizations fail to address the unique needs of sales coaching vs. leadership coaching.

In this highly interactive session, you will gain:

  • Tools to analyze readiness for coaching & differentiate by role
  • The secret buyers guide to hiring an external coach
  • Examples of exercises & best practices to train your managers to coach or enhance your own coaching skills

  • If properly implemented & benchmarked, coaching can be a high impact solution for your organization and enhance the value your training team brings to your company. This workshop can help you move further down that path - whether you are looking for internal or external solutions.

    Session Leader:

    Bernie Goldstein,Founder,Goldstein Professional Development


Conclusion of Conference