Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Registration & Continental Breakfast


Chairman’s Welcome

8:15 Workforce Transformation

-Heads of Learning Panel-

Developing a Competitive Workforce for the Future: Insights from Heads of Learning & Talent Management

Developing agility and capability in today’s fast paced digitally disrupted business environment is a key competitive advantage. Several Heads of Learning and Talent Management will share the strategies they are putting in place to prepare their organizations for the future. Topics of discussion will include:

  • Providing a culture of continuous learning, development and growth
  • Influence of technology and digital disruptors on learning and development
  • Upskilling and reskilling the workforce
  • Aligning L&D to the direction and growth needs of the business
  • Employee engagement strategies that build a cohesive workforce

Gabriel UrreaDirector, Corporate LearningEsurance

Amy HilemanGroup Vice President, Learning OfficerFederal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Sandra BaglioneSr. Director, Learning & DevelopmentRoyal Bank of Canada

9:00 Leveraging Technology Innovations

Digitally Transforming Onboarding & Talent Development at Lending Club

Lending Club is in the process of a large digital transformation using an electronic performance support system that has truncated its onboarding time in half. Kami Hanson, Director of Design Center of Excellence in Learning & Development will share their redesign strategy, as well as share how they are integrating AI into their onboarding and coaching practices.

Kami HansonDirector, Design Center of Excellence-Learning & DevelopmentLending Club

9:35 Personalization Strategies

The Informal Side of Learning & Development: Communities, Curation and Mentoring

Learning & Development strategies have evolved to include many ways to deliver and enable informal learning. This focus is driving the creation of newer roles within Learning & Development, such as Curator, Community Manager/Facilitator, Social Learning Strategist, and Collaboration Specialist. We, at Northern Trust, are finding ourselves focused more on the reinforcement of learning than the actual learning event to get it to stick and support continuous learning.
In this session, we will discuss the value and practical applicability of three main tactics we use in informal learning today.
1. Communities
2. Curation
3. Mentoring

We will review how to leverage Communities to share best practices across silos. We will learn how we are embracing and focusing more on curation of external resources to help build awareness and develop skills we need for the future. And, finally, we will review how we are enabling the business to share knowledge and coach career conversations through Mentoring.

Kacie WaltersVP Talent DevelopmentNorthern Trust


Morning Networking Break


Idea xChange-Talent Management

During this TEDTalk styled session, a member of our speaking faculty will share an effective talent management initiative that is working successfully within their organization.

10:55 Personalization Strategies

Designing Effective Personalized Leadership Development Strategies

Are your Leaders prepared to take your firm successfully into the future? Leaders are one of the most critical links in helping your company achieve and execute its strategy. Unfortunately, many traditional leadership development programs fail to produce lasting impacts on a leader’s behavior resulting in marginal business results. What if you could design effective targeted leadership development strategies to cultivate exceptional leaders? Leaders who adopt consistent long-term behavior change, achieve improved business results and support business goals and strategies? Within this session we will discuss:

  • Defining the why: Career growth, professional development, behavior and/or skill development
  • Personalizing the plan: Exploring interests and aspirations, strengths and opportunities, personal and organizational needs, goals and performance trends
  • Identifying experiences: Curating the right blend of development experiences, feedback, exposure and education
  • Supporting continued development: Building the right blend of support, expectation and accountability, review and reflection, and reward and recognition

Brian MullinerDirector of Organizational & Talent DevelopmentRaymond James Financial


Roundtable Discussion Groups

To further enhance networking and learning among attendees, we will break into small discussion groups to drill a little deeper, brainstorm, discuss challenges, and share potential solutions with your peers. Walk away with new contacts and some fresh ideas that you can implement upon returning to the office!
Discussion topics will include:

  • Demonstrating learning’s impact
  • Partnering with the business—becoming more strategic
  • Talent development amid rapid growth and change



1:15 Leveraging Technology Innovations

Digital Fitness: Using Technology to Teach Technology

Digital upskilling (i.e. digital fitness) for all employees is a major initiative at PwC. As learning professionals we’ve led this effort, challenging ourselves to think differently, push boundaries, and fail fast. We’ve had fun experimenting
with apps, bots, and bursts as we test, iterate, and use new digital techniques. As we’ve infused technology into our learning, we’ve shifted our skills and mindset, engaging with new subject matter experts. During this session you will learn from our work and explore:

  • How technological innovation is shifting today’s learning approach
  • How to develop a plan to control your “fails” and learn from them
  • How to plan for the “last mile” in deployment strategies--when to stop iterating and deliver!

Rayellen SmithDirector of Learning & EducationPwC

1:50 Modernizing Conventional Practices

Innovative Recruiting Strategies in a Tight Talent Market

The talent shortage is making recruiting the best and brightest even more challenging than usual. It is requiring recruitment and talent onboarding functions to rethink traditional methods. Hear how one organization is upping its game to attract candidates to its financial services organization. Topics for exploration will include:

  • Leadership involvement in recruiting, retaining and growing talent
  • High touch, high engagement candidate relationship building strategies
  • Leveraging digital tools

2:25 Modernizing Conventional Practices

Successful Career Development Tools at Ally Financial: Connecting Career Development to Learning Opportunities

Laurel Mergenschroer, Director of Learning and Talent Management will share how Ally Financial created a suite of career development tools, empowering their employees to take ownership of their career advancement. She will discuss how they are making information transparent, leveraging existing data for career pathing, and connecting career development tools to learning opportunities with great engagement success.

Laurel MergenschroerDirector, Learning & Talent ManagementAlly Financial


Afternoon Networking Break


Idea xChange-Learning Strategies

During this TEDTalk styled session, a member of our speaking faculty will share an effective learning initiative that is working successfully within their organization.

3:45 Modernizing Conventional Practices

-Panel Session-
Creating Real Change: Connecting Diversity & Inclusion with Learning & Leadership Development

Traditionally, organizations treated D&I as a separate training initiative. More recently, however, corporations are weaving diversity and inclusion into various learning and leadership development programs. During this session, we will examine learning’s role in advancing D&I within the organization. Topics for discussion will include:

  • partnering to develop effective D&I programs and initiatives
  • strategies for developing inclusive leaders
  • creating real behavior change and holding leaders accountable
  • linking inclusion to skill development


Maeve RichardHead of Diversity & InclusionSoFi

Esayas WuretaInclusion & Belonging LeadCSAA Insurance Group

Kerri LewisDirector of Human Resources-USPaysafe Group

Karen A. ClarkSVP, Multicultural Strategy ManagerCity National Bank

4:30 Workforce Transformation

Applying Agile Methodology to Learning and Workforce Development

During this session, we will explore the concept of agile and how it can be applied to learning and talent development, making for a more fluid, nimble environment. We will examine how agile brings L&D to the forefront of change management efforts, embeds learning into workflow and can enhance the learner experience.

Jae SchroederVP, Director of Executive Banking SchoolConsumer Bankers Association


Cocktail Reception

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Continental Breakfast


Chairman’s Recap


RoundTable Discussion Groups

To further enhance networking and learning among attendees, we will break into small discussion groups to drill a little deeper, brainstorm, discuss challenges, and share potential solutions with your peers. Walk away with new contacts and some fresh ideas that you can implement upon returning to the office!
Discussion topics will include:

  • Enriching the learner’s experience
  • Engaging the next gen workforce
  • Coaching and feedback tools

8:45 Modernizing Conventional Practices

Rethinking High-Volume Recruitment and Training for the Call Center Environment: Leveraging Innovative Self-Paced Learning Labs at Discover

Discover Financial Services has dramatically increased flexibility and enhanced business agility by challenging traditional thinking around high volume call- center recruitment and onboarding. By replacing the traditional classroom with innovative self-paced learning labs and phone labs Discover has reduced time to proficiency for new employees, adding significant value for the business.

During this session we’ll discuss our challenges, our goals, and the journey we undertook to disrupt and reinvent a 30-year old learning paradigm. How did we prepare the learning teams? How did we partner with the business? What did we discover along the way?

Jenny OrrDirector of Technology & InfrastructureDiscover Financial Services

9:20 Leveraging Technology Innovations

–Panel Session-
Effectively Deploying the Latest Digital Tools for L&D

Our panel of learning and technology leaders will examine the modern learner, their expectations to learning access, opportunity & engagement, and explore how to overcome the barriers to successful digital transformation. Our panelists will also share successful strategies for leveraging:

  • mobile learning platforms
  • simulation
  • virtual reality
  • video
  • AI and machine learning


Jessica DeCanioHead of Claims TrainingFarmers Insurance


Morning Networking Break


Idea xChange- Employee Development

During this TEDTalk styled session, a member of our speaking faculty will share an effective employee development initiative that is working successfully within their organization.

10:45 Metrics and Measurements

Learning Analytics & Measuring Training Impact

Hear how one leading company is utilizing data for better decision making. You will learn new tools and approaches for measuring and demonstrating learning impact.

11:20 Metrics & Measurements

Redesigning Performance Measurement to be Agile & Flexible

Financial services continue to be a fast changing business environment with significant shifts in practices, structures, and cultures. During this session, we will explore how to revamp performance measurement systems to allow for more flexibility within our continuously changing environment. You will hear from a top financial firm that has redesigned their approach to performance measurement and management. Discussion points will include:

  • engaging leaders and employees
  • driving mindset and change
  • linking performance measurement to learning initiatives

11:55 Modernizing Conventional Practices

-Panel Session-
Refreshing Leadership Development to Boost the Talent Pipeline

Leadership development continues to be a challenge for many organizations. Hear how several companies are refreshing and modernizing their leadership programs. We will examine high potential, mid-level management and women in leadership programs---drilling down into the areas of selection, assessment, and coaching.

  • gaining buy in from the top
  • changing mindsets across the organization
  • upskilling employees for the digital transformation
  • utilizing L&D as the catalyst for


Monica GoodaleNational Learning & DevelopmentZenith Insurance

Denia PelayoDirector, Talent & DevelopmentRaymond James

Portia JamesDirector, Leadership & Organizational DevelopmentPaychex


Conference Wrap Up


Conclusion of Conference