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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Registration & Continental Breakfast


Chairman’s Welcome

8:15 L&D Strategy Transformation

Heads of Learning Panel

Owning the Change: A Look at the Drivers Reshaping Learning Strategy

Change is the new constant for L&D professionals. While the landscape of the financial services industry continues to evolve, so does the needs and expectations of today’s learner. Keeping pace and getting ahead of the various shifts and changes is a challenge. Our panel of L&D leaders will explore learning’s advancing role within the organization and provide insights into how they are preparing their workforce for future business needs and goals. Topics for discussion will include:

  • How the expectations of the modern learner is driving L&D strategy
  • Creating learning that is adaptable and flexible to meet the changing business environment
  • Aligning learning strategy with business objectives
  • Leveraging learning for ‘employee brand” or “employee experience”
  • Impact of digital disrupters—AI, VR, big data, etc.
  • What’s next? Where do you see learning in 2025 and beyond?


Dan Hill,VP & Chief Learning Officer,AAA

Linda Cai,Global Head of Learning, Leadership & Talent Development,Aon Corporation

9:00 L&D Strategy Transformation

Learning Impact: A Nationwide Case Study

Nationwide is focused on how to best meet the rapidly evolving needs of its customers, which requires new workforce skills and competencies. Several new learning initiatives are having a huge impact on employee engagement and business performance results. During this session, our speaker will share some of Nationwide’s award winning work.

Tamar Williamson,VP Business Support-Learning,Nationwide

9:35 Advancing Customized Learning

The Informal Side of Learning & Development: Communities, Curation and Mentoring

Learning & Development strategies have evolved to include many ways to deliver and enable informal learning. This focus is driving the creation of newer roles within Learning & Development, such as Curator, Community Manager/Facilitator, Social Learning Strategist, and Collaboration Specialist. We, at Northern Trust, are finding ourselves focused more on the reinforcement of learning than the actual learning event to get it to stick and support continuous learning.

In this session, we will discuss the value and practical applicability of three main tactics we use in informal learning today.
1. Communities 2. Curation 3. Mentoring

We will review how to leverage Communities to share best practices across silos. You will learn how we are embracing and focusing more on curation of external resources to help build awareness and develop skills we need for the future. And, finally, we will review how we are enabling the business to share knowledge and coach career conversations through Mentoring.

Kacie Walters,VP Talent Development,Northern Trust


Morning Refreshment Break

10:40 L&D Tool Box

Idea xChange – Developing a Growth Mindset

Idea xChanges are mini high impact presentations that are meant to provide quick bite- sized information that is easily digestible and easy to implement within your own organization upon returning to the office. During this TED Talk styled session, a member from our speaking faculty will share how teaching a growth mindset can improve motivation, engagement and productivity.

10:55 L&D Strategy Transformation

Aligning Strategy and Training: Unlocking the Hidden Talent of your Employees

Today’s organizations must align the investment they make in training to their business strategy. This means providing learners with developmental experiences that are relevant and embedded, so that they become sustainable beyond the training itself. Kaplan’s mission as a learning solutions partner is to help organizations design, develop and implement scalable learning journeys for their people and make the most of their training spend.
Through the example of an ideal wealth manager learning journey creation, Kaplan will explore the approach and tools used in supporting client L&D strategies. This session will offer you the opportunity to:

  • Understand how learning diagnostics can identify and prioritize learning, unlock hidden talent and measure impact.
  • Explore best practices when it comes to developing tailored learning journeys.
  • Review innovative ways in which the learning is delivered and ultimately embedded in the workplace.

Representative from Kaplan Professional

11:30 Share & Network

A Change Management Work Group Session The Changing Role of Learning During Times of Change

Debra Mazloff, Senior HR Consultant with Invesco, will begin with a 15 minute presentation on the role of change management and learning within Financial Services companies today. After the introduction, we will break into small group round tables to explore how participants are contributing to change management in their organizations and what they can enhance to provide more value and increase the adoption of new behaviors.

Debra Mazloff,Senior HR Business Consultant,Invesco US


Networking Luncheon

1:15 Share & Network

So You Want to Do Machine Learning (ML) in Learning?

Machine Learning is all the buzz in industry. Applications of ML in the learning space are just coming on line, and as exciting as that sounds, correctly carrying out machine learning in the L&D space requires a solid foundation in both learning data and learning analytics. This talk will explore the journey Capital One's Tech College took to build their data foundation, create opportunities to standardize learning analytics while digging deeper to offer robust recommendations around learning business decisions, and then to embark on a machine learning expedition toward offering more personalized learning for its associates.

Katie Nelson,Data Scientist Manager-Technical College,Capital One

1:50 Workforce Engagement Strategies

Early & Mid-Level Talent Development Case Study

Hear how one leading company is revamping its early talent development and mid-level management programs.. Providing an in-depth look into these new initiatives, you’ll hear how they are creating global support communities, developing strategies for sustained high performance, and leveraging technology and virtual platforms. Successes to date and lessons learned will also be shared.

2:25 Workforce Engagement Strategies

Allstate’s Inclusive Diversity Journey and Transformation: Engagement & Take Action

Aisha Ghori Ozaki, Manager of Inclusive Diversity, will share Allstate's Inclusive Diversity Team’s critical work around growth and transformation.  Learn how the team is building diversity and inclusion into the core values and culture of the organization, customizing and personalizing programs, and creating action behind the talk.
This engaging session will include a timeline and will highlight key stakeholders and partners including Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and an active Enterprise Diversity Leadership Council (EDLC).  It will offer specific insight around strategic priorities and aiming points that have helped to drive institutional change.  It will also share first-hand examples of more efficient practices that have been designed and/or used in the last 3-5 years at Allstate. Topics of discussion will include:

  • Enterprise wide inclusive diversity commitments
  • Executive alignment strategies
  • Inclusive conversation series
  • Engagement in and examples of multimedia and internal promotional video

Aisha Ghori Ozaki,Manager, Inclusive Diversity,Allstate

3:00 L&D Tool Box

Idea xChange - Preboarding

Idea xChanges are mini high impact presentations that are meant to provide bite-sized information that is easily digestible and easy to implement within your own organization. During this TED Talk styled session, a member from our speaking faculty will share how implementing several pre-boarding initiatives has greatly increased new hire success.


Afternoon Networking Break

3:30 Workforce Engagement Strategies

Panel Session
Leading Edge Practices in Risk and Compliance Education

New regulations are putting pressure on training departments to be more accountable for how they are approaching compliance and risk education. It is no longer enough to just document on paper how many employees completed training. Regulators are now looking for more in-depth information— what have your employees learned, where are the knowledge gaps, how are you addressing those gaps and how are you changing behaviors so that it directly impacts operations. During this session, our panel of will examine the changing compliance training environment and explore:

  • Impact of new rules and regulations on training and education departments
  • Tools and strategies for better tracking and evaluation
  • Strategies for embedding risk and compliance into the organization’s culture
  • Governance and stakeholder management
  • Tips, lessons learned and what’s next


Erin Patterson,VP, Compliance Training Officer for N.A.,RaboBank

Jeff Langa,Head of Compliance Training-Americas,BNP Paribas

4:30 Advancing Customized Learning

Military Veteran Transition Program at Bank of America: Integrating, Developing & Retaining Veteran Talent

Commitment to hire veterans starts at the top at Bank of America. In 2014, CEO Brian Moynihan announced the company would hire 10,000 veterans. And while commitment and recruitment efforts were successful, turnover continued to be a challenge for the organization. This session will explore how Bank of America is evolving its veteran transition program, as well as provide tips for starting your own program. Topics include:

  • Building relationships and keeping connected
  • Creating personalized development plans that enhance career opportunities
  • Leveraging virtual development tools
  • Strategies for getting a program off the ground

Pat Furbush,VP, Learning Consultant,Bank of America


Cocktail Reception

Friday, October 4, 2019

Continental Breakfast


Chairman Recap

8:10 Share & Network

Speed Learning Roundtables—Exchange Tips & Strategies with your Peers

Our interactive roundtable discussions will center around the latest industry trends. You choose the topics that are of most interest to you. Each table will consist of 8-10 participants and a moderator. Find solutions to your pressing challenges and share your experiences with your peers in this thought-provoking session. Prior to the conference we will survey attendees to ensure we are hitting the topics of most interest to you. Possible topics include:

  • How is L&D having business impact?
  • Tips and tricks for engagement
  • Creating an employee experience
  • Innovative onboarding strategies
  • Upskilling the training function
  • Curation techniques
  • Embedding learning into workflow
  • Closing the skills transfer gap
8:45 L&D Strategy Transformation

Panel Session
Digital Transformation: Leveraging Technology for More Effective Learning

During this session, you will hear three digital transformation journeys. Each of our panelists will share how their organization has implemented digital technology, fundamentally changing learning and the manner in which training is delivered. We will examine the modern learner, their expectations to learning access, opportunity and engagement, and explore how to overcome the barriers to successful digital implementation. Our panelists will share specific examples of leveraging current and upcoming technologies, such as:

  • Video
  • Mobile
  • Gamification
  • Virtual Reality
  • AI & machine learning


David Guralnick,President,Kaleidoscope Learning & International E-Learning Association


Tamar Williamson,VP Business Support-Learning,Nationwide

9:30 Advancing Customized Learning

Integrating Learning Solutions into the Flow of Life: A Mobile Learning Case Study

This session focuses on steps organizations are taking to deliver learning in a more personal way, integrating work and learning more tightly with each other, extending ownership for learning beyond the HR organization, and looking for ways to bring solutions we use in our daily lives into the learning environment at work. This session will include an interactive presentation and demo of a new micro-learning solution called ‘FLIP,’ along with details of how FLIP has been leveraged as an innovative means of addressing learning needs in Deloitte’s Government & Public Services (GPS) practice

Jon McQueary,Senior Manager L&D,Deloitte Services LLP


Morning Refreshment Break

10:30 Advancing Customized Learning

Refreshing Your Onboarding Program

Onboarding programs set the stage for an employee’s experience and are critical in maintaining an organization’s culture. Hear how one financial services firm is rethinking its traditional practices and refreshing their onboarding process to provide candidates with more personalized support and a smoother transition to ensure success in their new roles.

11:05 L&D Tool Box

Idea xChange – Marketing Learning

Idea xChanges are mini high impact presentations that are meant to provide bite-sized information that is easily digestible and easy to implement within your own organization. During this TED Talk styled session, our speaker will explore leveraging training programs as an employee incentive and a key differentiator as companies compete in a tight talent market.

11:20 Innovations in Metrics & Measurements

Metrics & Measurements: Demonstrating Learning’s Value to the Organization

Whether you’re new to leading L&D, or a seasoned veteran, attention to metrics and measurement has never been more critical. In fact, they are THE elements that can make or break the future of our discipline. We’ll review a fresh approach to measuring impact sharing lessons learned from the frontline while implementing a new sales onboarding initiative at Guardian Life. Use what we learned to inform your decision- making processes, help you prioritize future development efforts and build your credibility to communicate the strategic value that L&D offers your organization.

Kathy Tague,AVP & Head of Field Representative L&D,Guardian Life Insurance

11:55 L&D Strategy Transformation

Vision 2025: Transforming Leadership Development to be ‘Future Ready’

The leadership skills and capabilities needed to thrive in our VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world are shifting rapidly. Our leaders need to develop different skill sets to remain successful in the future. Are your current leadership training programs up to par? Several recent talent studies report that many leaders do not feel that their organization’s current development programs are giving them the critical skills and tools they need for their daily jobs. And yet, other reports state that the quality of leadership and the workplace culture they create will be what sets a company apart from its competitors.
During this session, our panelists will explore what leadership development needs to look like in the future and how their organizations are rising to that challenge. Topics to be discussed are:

  • Developing a generation of change leaders
  • Cascading leadership development across the organization
  • Customization of leadership programs
  • Closing the skills transfer gap—from ‘training” to “on the job”
  • New trends in ROI tracking and measurement


Conference Wrap Up


Conclusion of Conference