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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Registration & Continental Breakfast


Chairman’s Welcome

Bill KennellyAdministrative Vice President - Banking ServicesM&T Bank

8:10 Learning Transformation

-Opening Address-
Leading Agile: A Pivot Point in BMO Financial Group’s Transformation Journey

BMO Financial Group is in the midst of an internal transformation in the way we work. Throughout the enterprise, we are changing our team structures, adopting new tools and technologies, and reimagining our physical workspaces – all to ensure we can connect and collaborate effectively to meet the challenges we know are ahead.

Critical to this transformation is an evolution in our approach to leadership, in what it means – and what it takes – to be an effective leader at BMO in these fast-changing times.

Agile methodology is one of the keys to BMO’s transformation agenda, and BMO’s “Leading Agile” learning curriculum demonstrates our commitment to both a new way of working and to providing our leaders with the insights, guidance, and support they need to lead well in a new context.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • A little about BMO’s larger Agile program
  • The purpose and approach of BMO’s “Leading Agile” learning curriculum in particular
  • How “Leading Agile” closely aligns with BMO’s underlying leadership capabilities

You’ll also learn how and why our learning team built the “Leading Agile” curriculum itself using Agile principles and practices.

David BojarzinSenior Advisor, Emerging Capabilities & Leadership LearningBMO Financial Group

8:55 Learning Transformation

-Heads of Learning, Talent & Onboarding Panel-
The Crossroads of Learning & Talent: A look at the future drivers of learning and talent strategy from the decision makers

The landscape of learning and talent development is changing dramatically. How are these roles evolving, intersecting, and merging within your organization….and what will they look like in 2030? During this session, our panelists will share how they are transforming learning and talent development to prepare their organizations for the future. Topics to be addresses include:

  • alignment of learning and talent
  • strategic onboarding initiatives
  • impact of automation on skills needed for today…and beyond
  • embedding continuous learning into the culture and work flow
  • becoming more agile and fluid to meet the needs of the business


Bill KennellyAdministrative Vice President - Banking ServicesM&T Bank


Sandy RezendesHead of Strategic OnboardingCitizens Bank

Sheila JagannathanHead of Open Learning CampusWorld Bank Group

9:40 Leveraging Learning Technology

My xAPI Year: A Travelers Case Study

xAPI holds enormous promise for bringing data-driven decision-making to the practitioner’s level—if you can make it happen in your organization. Countless sessions attempt to address how xAPI data can assist with ROI, but few outline an actual implementation of xAPI from the ground up. So what does a real xAPI implementation story look like, and what lessons can you learn from it to inform your own use of xAPI?

In this session, you’ll hear the story of how xAPI was implemented in a highly conservative, risk- averse industry in one year. You’ll find out how Travelers training teams partnered to get buy-in from stakeholders, implement projects that proved xAPI’s potential, develop apps that lowered the barrier to entry for non-technical developers, and establish best practices for data capture. Learn from our successes, avoid our mistakes, and hear that it can be done within your organization.

Becky GoldbergTraining ManagerTravelers


Morning Networking Break

10:45 Employee Engagement

Enhancing Communication Skills to Elevate the Customer Experience - A Front Line Customer Service Communication Excellence Skill Development Program

Johanna Thoma, Director of Learning & Performance Development at Unum, will discuss how her organization is applying a continuous personalized learning strategy in their Benefits Center to achieve customer service excellence. Specifically, she will share their Achieving Communication Excellence (ACE) Proficiency Program, which targets skill development around telephone effectiveness competencies for front line benefit specialists. Learn how they designed and enhanced the 8-week program, implemented continuous personalized learning systems, and built in coaching support and soft skills measurements. Johanna will share her journey and lessons learned along the way.

Johanna ThomaDirector of Learning & Performance DevelopmentUnum

11:20 Leadership Development Innovations

Building a Leadership Pipeline that Achieves Diversity &Inclusion Initiatives

Diversity programs and initiatives are becoming an integral part in building the workforce of the future. Hear how LPL Financial is identifying the pipeline of female and minority leaders in a new way. Learn how to leverage informal systems and integrate those systems into established L&D practices for greater effectiveness in the identification and advancement of emerging leaders.

Dr. Lisa ToppinChief Diversity Officer & VP of Talent ManagementLPL Financial

11:55 Talent Development Innovations

Idea xChange & Round Table Discussion

Session #1 Topic: Innovative Talent Development Programs Throughout the event, we will pause for two idea exchanges, each paired with a small group round table discussion, centered on the theme of talent development.

During session one, our speaker will conduct a 15 minute mini presentation on effective talent development programs that are working within Wells Fargo. After the presentation, we will break into small group round tables, taking time to explore the topic presented and share your successful programs with your peers. Walk away with new contacts and with some fresh ideas that you can implement upon returning to the office.

Facilitated by:

Curtis TwomblyCompliance Education ManagerWells Fargo Advisors


Networking Luncheon

1:30 Employee Engagement

Unlocking Performance Gains through Fostering Meaning and Purpose

BetterUp's research has demonstrated that cultivating meaning and purpose in the workplace results in measurable, empirical business outcomes, including significant improvements in engagement, retention and performance. This talk will feature BetterUp's research on the topic, and will describe how BetterUp is helping other organizations unlock performance and retention gains in their workforce by helping them foster more meaning and purpose amongst their employees.

Naomi Arbit, PhDSenior Behavioral ScientistBetterUp

2:05 Employee Engagement

Military Veteran Transition Program at Bank of America: Integrating, Developing & Retaining Veteran Talent

Commitment to hire veterans starts at the top at Bank of America. In 2014, CEO Brian Moynihan, announced the company would hire 10,000 veterans. And while commitment and recruitment efforts were successful, turnover continued to be a challenge for the organization. Aaron Polsgrove, SVP of Diversity & Inclusion will explore how Bank of America is evolving its veteran transition program, including:

  • building relationships and keeping connected
  • creating personalized development plans that enhance career opportunities
  • leveraging virtual development tools

Aaron PolsgroveSVP Diversity & InclusionBank of America

Pat FurbushVP, Learning ManagerBank of America

2:40 Employee Engagement

Games and “Gamification” - When it Works and When it Fails

“Gamification” is an increasingly misused tactic in the learning industry. This leads to underwhelming programs with badges and leaderboards slapped on as an afterthought. During this session Romeo Maione, a program designer and strategist at Launchfire, will run through when you should (and shouldn’t) employ games as part of a learning strategy.

Romeo MaioneProgram DesignerLaunchfire


Afternoon Networking Break

3:45 Learning Transformation

Principles of the Modern Learner & How to Find Freedom within Your Framework

Nothing gets your employees more excited than plowing through a regulatory manual, right? 

No matter your role in L&D, you face challenges. Whether it’s pressure from the top, resistance from learners, or the constraints of compliance, there is always another challenge to overcome. But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with the “same ol’ same ol.’”

Based on a decade of creating innovative learning in highly regulated industries, Dave Romero from Unboxed Training & Technology, will discuss how to gain buy-in and deliver innovation that drives meaningful and large-scale change within your framework.

During this session, we’ll discuss how to:

  • Use technology and innovation to break down barriers within your organization
  • Modernize and streamline processes to increase speed to competency and improve retention for your learners
  • Methods for innovating L&D processes within the culture of your company, whether it’s embracing artificial intelligence or simply reducing your 40-page manual down to 15

Dave RomeroCo-Founder and PresidentUnboxed Training & Technology

Sarah GraperStrategic Solutions LeadUnboxed Training & Technology

4:20 Leadership Development Innovations

-Panel Session-
Refreshing Leadership Development to Boost the Talent Pipeline

Leadership development continues to be a challenge for many organizations. Hear how several financial services companies are refreshing and modernizing their leadership programs. We will examine high potential, mid-level management and women in leadership programs---drilling down into the areas of selection, assessment, and coaching.

  • gaining buy in from the top
  • changing mindsets across the organization
  • upskilling employees for the digital transformation
  • utilizing L&D as the catalyst for change


David SnelusHead of AmericasFitch Learning


Jessica GotwaltDirector of GMA Apprentice DevelopmentFidelity Investments

Anne PattersonVP, Head of Executive & Leadership Development and Executive CoachingTIAA

Tamara AminiSVP, Enterprise Executive DevelopmentBank of America


Cocktail Reception

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Continental Breakfast


Chairman Recap

8:10 Learning Transformation

Idea xChange & Round Table Discussion

Session #2 Topic: Innovations in Compliance & Risk Training  Our speaker will conduct a 15 minute mini presentation, then we will break into small group round tables, taking time to explore the topic and share ideas with your peers. Walk away with new contacts and with some fresh ideas that you can implement upon returning to the office.

Patty AquaroManaging Director- Head of Risk & Professional ExcellenceBNY Mellon

8:45 Learning Transformation

Aligning Strategy and Training: Unlocking the Hidden Talent of your Employees

Today’s organizations must align the investment they make in training to their business strategy. This means providing learners with developmental experiences that are relevant and embedded, so that they become sustainable beyond the training itself. Kaplan’s mission as a learning solutions partner is to help organizations design, develop and implement scalable learning journeys for their people and make the most of their training spend.

Through the example of an ideal wealth manager learning journey creation, Kaplan will explore the approach and tools used in supporting client L&D strategies. This session will offer you the opportunity to:

  • Understand how learning diagnostics can identify and prioritize learning, unlock hidden talent and measure impact.
  • Explore best practices when it comes to developing tailored learning journeys.
  • Review innovative ways in which the learning is delivered and ultimately embedded in the workplace.

Dr. Tim Smaby, PhD, CFA, FRMExecutive Director, Learning and Professional DevelopmentKaplan Professional

9:20 Measuring Learning Impact

-Panel Session-
Strategies for Developing an Effective Risk Culture: Tools, measurements and conducting risk culture audits

New regulations are putting pressure on learning departments to be more accountable for how they are approaching compliance training. It is no longer enough to just document which employees took what training. Regulators are now looking for more in-depth information—such as what have your employees learned, where are the knowledge gaps, how are you addressing those gaps and how are you changing behaviors? During this session, we will examine the changing compliance training environment and explore:

  • new tools and strategies for better compliance tracking and evaluation
  • conducting risk culture audits
  • weaving compliance into the organization’s culture
  • gaining leadership buy-in to new training approaches


Curtis TwomblyCompliance Education ManagerWells Fargo Advisors


Jeffrey LangaAmericas Head of Compliance TrainingBNP Paribas

Patty AquaroManaging Director- Head of Risk & Professional ExcellenceBNY Mellon

Carol TringaliDirector, Enterprise Compliance TrainingFidelity Investments


Morning Refreshment Break

10:35 Measuring Learning Impact

Metrics & Measurements: Demonstrating Learning’s Value to the Organization

Whether you’re new to leading L&D or a seasoned veteran, attention to metrics and measurement has never been more critical. In fact, they are THE elements that can make or break the future of our discipline. We’ll review a fresh approach to measuring impact sharing lessons learned from the frontline while implementing a new sales onboarding initiative at Guardian Life. Use what we learned to inform your decision-making processes, help you prioritize future development efforts and build your credibility to communicate the strategic value that L&D offers your organization.

Kathy TagueAVP & Head of Field Representative L&DGuardian Life Insurance

11:10 Leveraging Learning Technology

-Panel Session- Effectively Deploying the Latest Digital Tools for Learning & Talent Development

Our panel of learning and technology leaders will examine the modern learner, their expectations to learning access, opportunity & engagement, and explore how to overcome the barriers to successful digital transformation. Our panelists will also share successful strategies for leveraging:

  • mobile learning platforms
  • simulation
  • video
  • AI
  • machine learning


David Guralnick, PhDPresidentKaleidoscope Learning & International E-Learning Association


Rick At LeeSVP, Learning Design & Development ManagerBB&T

Brian McGrathDirector, Learning Design & DevelopmentBlue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

Adam GirardAVP, Global Learning and Development, Head of Learning TechnologyMetLife


Conference Wrap Up


Conclusion of Conference