2022 Agenda

Speaker Presentations
Thursday, November 3, 2022

Chair Welcome & Virtual Conference Introduction


Heads of Learning Panel: Reunited & Re-Shuffle!

As organizations continue to grapple with transition to e-learning, our heads of learning and talent leaders will take stock of their current initiatives, discuss how their organizations are managing change, embracing true e-learning, promoting skill-agility and developing hybrid equity for their audience.


Kathryn Tague,Senior Director, Talent Acquisition & Growth, Field Talent & Performance, Northwestern Mutual Insurance

Dianne Studzinski,VP, Director of Learning & Development, BayFirst National Bank

Bernie Goldstein,Executive Director, Head of North American Asset Management, Client Skills Training and Head of Python Center for Innovation, JP Morgan Chase


Case Study Northwestern Mutual: Award Winning Internship Program to Build Tomorrow’s Talent Today

55 years in the making, NWM’s innovative program that started as a business strategy foster’s the next generation of talent for the company. Data & analytics will be shared to demonstrate success, changes and lessons learnt.

Kathryn Tague,Senior Director, Talent Acquisition & Growth, Field Talent & Performance, Northwestern Mutual Insurance


Mid-Morning Networking Break


SmartBank Case Study on Smart Leadership: Equipping First Time Supervisors during The Great Resignation

“I’m a new supervisor, now what?” This is a common and reasonable question asked by those stepping into a supervisor position for the first time. The Great Resignation has left organizations with more inexperienced supervisors than ever before. The gap seems monumental, and executives are putting the burden on Learning & Development teams to close it. What are you doing to get your first- time supervisors up to speed? 

 In this session, you’ll hear about SmartBank’s Leadership program (SmartLeadership) which is dedicated to helping first-time supervisors obtain the knowledge and skills to lead their team successfully. Key topics from this session include: 

  • Creating connection before content 
  • How we lead through culture, people and processes 
  • Simple quick feedback channels
  • Building upon our new leadership program

Corey Burdette,Assistant VP, Learning and Development Manager, SmartBank


Global Viewpoint: How to Create a Large Scale, Sustainable & Effective On-Boarding Program

Udit Bhaita,Director – India Learning Leader,Ernest & Young India


Virtual Lunch and Exhibit Area Networking


FIS Case Study – “Skills of the Future”: Our Learning Journey – Just in Time, Just Enough & Just for Me

Sharahn Monk, Director, Global Learning Delivery and Performance Solutions,FIS


Case Study: Restructuring an L&D Department or Building from Scratch: Back to Basics

What do the following have in common - Aspirations of going public during a rebrand, Doubling the size of an organization, and Launching several new technologies in the same year? It is the need for building an L&D department from scratch or re-energizing a status quo L&D department to support and continue progress in a community bank. In this case study, we will explore the 4 pillars that make the foundation of an L&D department and the integral facets necessary for peak performance. Some key takeaways include:

  • Refreshed strategies for building and managing relationships to conduct gap analysis between current behaviors and ideal behaviors to increase performance
  • Ideas for designing technical and soft skill training in multi-modal fashion to meet participants where they are and engaging them to move forward in a meaningful manner at a community bank
  • A facilitation checklist for delivering training that leads to optimal results
  • Tracking the progress and measuring results of training to create a data driven story leading to increased investment in human capital… or at the very least, no audit findings

Dianne Studzinski,VP, Director of Learning & Development, BayFirst National Bank


Afternoon Networking Break


Russell Investments Case Study: Effective New Associate On-Boarding for Sales & Account Management

Russell Investments will share their on-boarding journey for new associates for their sales, operations, support and analysts. The presentation will focus on how they built the program, rolled it out and measured to determine success.

Dawn Lewis,Associate Director of Sales Enablement,Russell Investments


Well Fargo Case Study: Digital Transformation: How to Transform from Traditional Training to Enablement

Amy York,Business Readiness Strategy, Digital Transformation,Wells Fargo


End of Day One

Friday, November 4, 2022

Day Two Opening Announcements


Power Panel: The Talent Ecosystem: Strategies for Skills of the Future – “Next Practices” for the Internal Talent Marketplace and Skill-agility

Re-skilling, up-skilling, skill development are extremely critical areas facing L&T. Hear from our outstanding group of panelists about

  • Skill sensing networks to identify and prepare for skills no longer needed and to get ahead of the game ensuring smooth skill- mobility.
  • Innovative approaches to provide flexible, intensive skill development for specific roles within the organization.


Joy Joseph,Training Manager,Liberty Mutual

Johanna Thuma,Director of Skills and Talent Development, Unum


Citibank Case Study: Innovative and Global Adaptive Learning Program at Citi

Advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and smart technology has put adaptive learning within the reach of every organization that struggles to capture and document evidence of learner competence, personal paths to proficiency, reduction in unconscious incompetence, and continuous improvement in content quality.   Citigroup as a multinational investment bank & financial services corporation faces the same learning and development challenges of smaller companies but at scale with the need for a sustainable solution, with information security, and true value realization through performance improvement. Participants will learn more about

  • Quantitative and qualitative results that Citigroup is realizing for the first time through their implementation of Area9 Lyceum's adaptive learning technology across the organization.
  • Participants will have a chance to ask questions about how Citigroup executed this transformation through companywide change management.

Tiffany Abinsay,Head of Learning Technology, Citibank


Mid-Morning Break


Technology Panel: Reimaging the Future of Learning & Training: New Technologies, Success Stories, Lessons learnt.

New and emerging technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), and others can allow us to create new types of experiences to improve learning and performance. Our panelists will share how they are leveraging various technologies to improve the learner experience. Topics of discussion will include:

  • Approaches to adaptive and personalized learning
  • Uses of VR, AR, and other technologies
  • Barriers to implementing new technologies and strategies for overcoming those barriers
  • Plans and predictions for the future.


David Guralnick,President & CEO, Kaleidoscope LearningAdjunct Professor, Columbia University Teachers College


Tiffany Abinsay,Head of Learning Technology, Citibank

Andrew Shields, KPMG


Case Study: Unum: One Size Fits One – Targeted Rotational Skill Development Program for Highly Individualized Learning Initiatives

Johanna Thuma, Director, Skills & Talent Development, Unum


Virtual Lunch and Exhibit Area Networking


DE&I Panel: How to Build a Culture of DEI & Incorporate Inclusion as a Part of the Learning Journey

  • Forming the first DEI Council with open dialog and vulnerability
  • Crafting a DEI Charter
  • Training for the DEI Council (USF DEI certification and a professional DEI Consultant)
  • Instead of “trying to boil the ocean” coming up with the goals for the first year
  • Beginning “BERGs” Business Employee Resource Groups (or affinity groups)
  • Conducting focus groups that represent the make up of the organization rather than only including visually diverse employees
  • Internal and external marketing of the efforts without tokenism
  • DEI efforts in all facets rather than in addition to daily role
    • Are marketing materials reflective of DEI?
    • Are L&D materials reflective of DEI?
    • Are business strategies reflective of DEI?
    • Are company events reflective of DEI?
    • Are customers and vendors reflective of DEI?
    • Are locations reflective of DEI?

Diane Studzinski,VP, Director of Learning & Development,BayFirst National Bank

Matt Hall,Cultural Development Director,Huntington Bank Russell Investments


Afternoon Networking Break


Credit Human Case Study: Level Up Your Gamification

Tired of check-the-box training? Learn how we ignite learner engagement and inspire behavior change through effective gamification. We will show you how to take your gamification to the next level by incorporating innovative and powerful techniques for both in person and virtual applications. These work for organizations of all sizes. You will experience our in-house board game and see how we have achieved incredible learner response rates with MicroLearning.  By the end of this session, you will learn:  

  • Understand why gamification fails and how to overcome organizational resistance to gamification 
  • Tie all gamification directly to the learning objectives
  • Strategies to tap into the experience and creative instincts of your learners 
  • Increase learner response rates by applying gamification to MicroLearning
  • Leaderboards in MicroLearning – how we use points and leaderboards in our MicroLearning lessons
  • Financial Slack Game: A real in-person game that helps our employees connect with our mission in ways that were never possible before
  • Examples of metrics focused on including learner push vs pull, meeting learning objectives by tracking knowledge transfer and others

Jonathan Ellis,Director Training and Development, Credit Human

Wendy Fischer,Senior Training Solutions Specialist, Credit Human


Fostering Informal and Social Learning

Given that teams can’t get together in the same ways they used to, MoneyTree, a family owned business became really been creative and implemented a more informal leadership development program. The program is open to any leaders and not mandatory. The format includes live conversations, Q&As, best practices, external speakers and more. This unique undertaking has now grown into the organization’s culture building trust and changing the mindset with leadership, allowing for a more informal and agile approach to learning.

Angie Dorgan,Director of Talent Acquisition & Development,MoneyTree, Inc


End of Conference