March 2020 Agenda

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Our Philadelphia, PA will be comprised of 3 modules. Please join us for all three!

Module #1
March 17th    10:00am-12:00pm EST

Opening Remarks


-Heads of Learning Panel-

The Future Learning Organization & It’s Broadening Role

Learning has evolved tremendously from even just five years ago, but where is it headed? Our panel of L&D leaders will explore learning’s evolving…and broadening...role within the organization, the expectations of today’s modern learner, and share how their organizations are positioning themselves for the future. Topics for discussion may include:

  • Anywhere, anytime training—today’s need for constant learning
  • Bringing innovation to training and employee development
  • Developing growth mindsets
  • Change in skills needed to take us into the future
  • Continued trend toward individualized training
  • Partnering and aligning to the business
  • Future predictions for the learning organization


Curtis TwomblyCompliance Education ManagerWells Fargo Advisors


Kristin JohnsonChief Human Resources OfficerEdward Jones

Svetlana YedreshteynVP, Learning & DevelopmentInvesco

Bernard GoldsteinHead of AM Client Skills Training AmericasJ.P. Morgan Asset Management


Deepening a Learning Culture and Reinvigorating Employer Brand

In an effort to deepen the learning culture and further align its employee experience with the new brand proposition, the Learning Organization is collaborating with the Talent Acquisition team to develop and deliver on a uniform message. They are taking steps to ensure what colleagues experience internally are consistent throughout employee lifecycle. Linda Cai, Global Head of Learning & Talent Development will share how they are reinvigorating the employer brand, and their strategies for moving talent development beyond initial onboarding.

Linda CaiGlobal Head of Learning & Talent DevelopmentAon Corporation


Coaching the Modern Workforce in the Gig Economy

24. The average millennial will have 24 jobs in their lifetime. During this session, Dave Romero from Unboxed Training & Technology will explore proven strategies that combat 21st century challenges such as rapid turnover, and soft skill gaps all while appealing to the " ambiguity averse" mindset unique in today's modern employees. Ready to upskill and retain your modern workforce?

Dave RomeroPresident Unboxed Training & Technology


Learning’s Role in Driving Transformation and an Agile Culture

Swiss Re has been in business for over 155 years, and the company is consistently one of the top two Reinsurers in the world. Over the past few years, the Reinsurance and Financial Services industries have experienced profound disruption and change. During this session, you will hear how Swiss Re is implementing several initiatives to become more agile and adaptive to both their Clients and Employee’s needs. Peter Vigliotti, Vice President of Global Sales Training, will share some of the major initiatives recently rolled out including, a ratingless performance management system, a new learning and curation platform, a feedback app and a revamped annual engagement survey. Significant culture change is an ongoing process and during this session you will hear what's working well, what has been less effective, and what still needs to be done to transform Swiss Re culture into one that can compete for the next century.

Peter VigliottiVP, Global Sales Training LeadSwiss Re


Closing Remarks

Module #2
March 17th     2:00pm-4:00pm EST

Opening Remarks


Unum Cuts Classroom Time and Increases Engagement with Their Sales Learners

With ambitious growth plans, Unum is in the midst of digitizing their entire enterprise, leveraging new technology to take them to the next level and achieve their audacious goals. With transformation in mind, Unum’s internal technology innovation team suggested MindTickle to streamline and automate their sales training and facilitate a next-level development experience that traditional LMS vendors couldn’t support. In this session, you’ll hear from Unum’s Director of Learning Technology, Lisa Buonocore, and their Customer Success Partner, Eric LaChance, as they deep dive into the why what and how of the uLearn strategic initiative.

Lisa BuonocoreDirector of Learning TechnologyUnum

Eric LaChanceEnterprise Customer Success ManagerMindTickle


An Inside Look at Best Practice Coaching & Mentoring Programs

While they may ultimately share similar goals, coaching and mentoring take different approaches to working relationships, and each plays a distinctive role in employee development. During this session, you will get a chance to hear —side by side—two successful programs.

Debra Hamilton, Chief Learning & Development Officer at Fulton Financial Corporation will share how her organization is using executive coaching and peer coaching groups to develop leaders within their organization. Fulton created this award winning program to assist their senior leaders who are tasked with navigating complex change, growing people and teams, and achieving aggressive business results.

Stefana Hunyady, VP of Global Product Engagement will share how she initiated a grassroots mentoring program at PayPal and its evolution over the years including women centric programs, shadowing, and the currently successful group mentoring project. She will share lessons learned, insights into mentoring across generations, and tips for starting a mentoring program within your organization.

Debra HamiltonSVP, Chief Learning & Development OfficerFulton Financial Corporation

Stefana HunyadyVP Global Product EngagementPayPal


Panel Session: Innovations in Entry-Level Training

Organizations invest a significant amount of money and resources into their entry level training programs. Seen as a fruitful means to filling the talent pipeline of an organization, they aim to develop new hires--with little professional experience-- and equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to quickly thrive and contribute to the company. As the financial service industry continues to evolve and restructure, many organizations are taking a step back to rethink their entry level training strategy. Does the program meet the needs of today’s learner…and of tomorrow’s organization? What impact is the program having on the business? How can we contain costs while accelerating the new hire learning curve? You will hear from several learning leaders who are bringing innovation to entry level training. Topics for discussion will include:

  • Identifying opportunities to drive out costs
  • Leveraging online and personalized learning strategies to ‘level set’ candidates
  • Exploring innovative modes of training (experiential learning, learner led training, etc.)
  • Measurements, Metrics & ROI
  • Strategies and tools for sustaining learning beyond the initial program


David SnelusHead of Americas FitchLearning


Melissa CogginsAssociate Manager, Talent Development ProgramsTruist

Brian BosleyVice President, Learning and DevelopmentMarcus by Goldman Sachs


So you want to do ML in learning?

Machine Learning is all the buzz in industry. Applications of ML in the learning space are just coming on line, and as exciting as that sounds, correctly carrying out machine learning in the L&D space requires a solid foundation in both learning data and learning analytics. This talk will explore the journey Capital One's Tech College took to build their data foundation, create opportunities to standardize learning analytics while digging deeper to offer robust recommendations around learning business decisions, and then to embark on a machine learning expedition toward offering more personalized learning for its associates.

Katie NelsonLearning Measurement and Evaluation Lead, People AnalyticsCapital One


Closing Remarks

Module #3
March 18th     10:00am-12:00pm EST

Opening Remarks


What’s in a Team? Developing High Performing Teams at Vanguard

As organizations look to modernize work practices, high-performing teams continue to surface as a key factor and overarching theme.  Efficiency, engagement, trust, productivity, and innovation all flourish amidst high-performing teams.  But what makes a team high-performing?  As many leaders and organizations discover, it’s rarely as simple as bringing together high-performing individuals.  Rather, at the heart of all high- performing teams is “Psychological Safety”.  We’ll discuss the factors that define and routinely contribute to a psychologically safe team, and what you can do to leverage both technology and good-old-fashioned people skills like observation, listening, empathy, and discipline, to transform your team environment into a healthy, engaged, trusting, and effective unit that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

Matthew PetrillaLeadership Performance Consultant, Leadership DevelopmentVanguard


Driving Effectiveness across Risk & Compliance Training Programs

Regulatory pressure on financial training departments is on the rise. Serving customers responsibly and conducting business ethically is further complicated by the technological advances within the financial services sector. During this session, we will explore how several leading companies are developing and delivering compliance and risk training more efficiently and effectively. Topics of discussion will include:

  • Defining a successful risk & compliance program
  • Strategies for driving engagement and making compliance training more user friendly and accessible
  • Metrics—measuring training effectiveness
  • Steps for creating a ‘Risk Aware’ culture
  • Tips, lessons learned and what’s next


Matthew PetrillaLeadership Performance Consultant, Leadership DevelopmentVanguard


Curtis TwomblyCompliance Education ManagerWells Fargo Advisors

Shezelle KreiGlobal Head of Compliance Design & DeliveryWestern Union

Kirsten JacksonDirector, Enterprise Learning & DevelopmentMetLife


Leveraging Technology to Enhance the Learning Experience & Improve Engagement

During this session, each of our panelists will share how learning delivery is evolving within their organization through the use of digital tools. We will examine the modern learner, their expectations to learning access, opportunity and engagement, and explore how to overcome the barriers to successful digital implementation. Our panelists will share specific examples of leveraging current and upcoming technologies, such as:

  • Video
  • Mobile
  • Gamification
  • Virtual Reality
  • AI & machine learning


David Guralnick, PhDPresidentInternational E-Learning Association & Kaleidoscope Learning


Ilenia DiazVice President Learning & Talent ManagementInvestors Bank

Pamela HenryDirector of Employee Success & DevelopmenteMoney Advisor

Sharon Claffey Kaliouby VP, North AmericaLearning Pool


Digitally Transforming Onboarding & Talent Development at Lending Club

Lending Club is in the process of a large digital transformation using an electronic performance support system that has truncated its onboarding time in half. Kami Hanson, Director of Design Center of Excellence in Learning & Development will share their redesign strategy, as well as share how they are integrating AI into their onboarding and coaching practices.

Kami HansonDirector, Design Center of Excellence-Learning & DevelopmentLending Club


Conclusion of Conference